Susan’s new novel, Firebird tells the explosive love story of two of the twentieth-century’s most brilliant and unusual figures: the Russian prima ballerina Lydia Lopokova and the economist John Maynard Keynes.

It will be published in May 2022; it has recently appeared in French translation as Un oiseau de feu

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‘In Given the Choice as in the film Sliding Doors, the reader is asked to consciously experiment, to question and play meta-fictive games, exploring what the novel has held up to that point and which directions it (and life) might, or should, fly off in.’
—Shelagh Weeks

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Vanessa and Virginia is a beautiful, haunting novel about the love, the rivalry between two gifted sisters, and the real purpose of Art. The achievement here is an uncanny, utterly persuasive empathy for both sisters, and the world and times in which they lived.’
— John Burnside

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Vanessa and Virginia has been translated into 16 languages.