• Sunday the 23rd to Friday the 28th: Susan will be giving a reading from new work at an international conference entitled ‘Reading Bloomsbury’, to be held at Homerton College in Cambridge.


  • Thursday the 29th to Sunday the 2nd: Susan will be taking part in a round-table discussion at the 27th Annual Virginia Woolf Conference ‘Virginia Woolf and the World of Books’ hosted by the University of Reading. The title of the round-table is ‘Woolf by the Book: Reflecting on Woolf Editions’, and will give Susan an opportunity to talk about the Cambridge Edition of Virginia Woolf’s writing of which she is co-editor.


  • Saturday the 13th: Susan will give a Masterclass on creative writing for Literature Cambridge at the Stapleford Granary.


  • Wednesday the 26th: Susan will be giving a lecture on Virginia Woolf for Literature Cambridge at Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge, from 1.00-2.30.



  • Saturday the 21st, Susan will give the Annual Virginia Woolf Birthday Lecture 2017, at the Senate House at the University of London, on the topic of ‘Virginia Woolf and the essay’. This will be the 18th Annual Birthday Lecture organised by the Virginia Woolf Society of great Britain.



  • Publication of an article on writing Vanessa and Virginia in Biographical Fiction: A Reader, edited by Michael Lackey, Bloomsbury London and New York.


  • Saturday the 19th: Lecture, “‘Marcel Proust and the Madeleine’, 15:00-18:00 for ‘The Literary Kitchen’ [Moved from June 26].

‘The Literary Kitchen’ is a new initiative by Literature Cambridge. Susan’s lecture will discuss Proust’s life, his love of food, his interest in the workings of memory and time, and explore why, a century later, his themes still resonate with us. The lecture will take place in the Cambridge Cookery School, and will be followed by the opportunity to bake the perfect madeleine!


  • Publication of ‘Virginia Woolf’ in a new collection by Routledge entitled Fifty-one Key Feminist Thinkers, which celebrates feminist thinkers across the centuries.


  • 18th-22nd:Vanessa and Virginia reading and lecture on Virginia Woolf’s  Dalloway.

Susan will be reading from Vanessa and Virginia and will lecture on Virginia Woolf’s novel Mrs Dalloway at the Virginia Woolf Cambridge Summer School, between the 18th and 22nd July. This Summer School hosts scholars and readers from all round the world.


  • Saturday the 25th: Reading and Discussion on ‘Literary London’ with Jennifer Wallace, ‘Travelling Through’ bookshop near Waterloo Station.
    • Susan will be joining fellow Cillian Press author Jennifer Wallace, for an evening of readings and discussion on the topic of ‘Literary London.’ Jennifer, who is Director of Studies in English at Peterhouse College, Cambridge, will talk about her recently published novel ‘Digging up Milton’, as well as Milton’s own connections to London. She will talk about the influence London had on Virginia Woolf, and will read from Vanessa and Virginia.
  • Wednesday the 22nd: Panel discussion at King’s College London on ‘The Ethics of Biographical Fiction’.
    • Biographical fiction has developed into a popular genre over the past two decades, and this panel discussion brings together researchers and writers of biofiction to shed light on the relationship between an author’s power to shape a historical individual’s afterlife and notions of responsibility, creativity, and truthfulness. Susan will be joined for the discussion by Lucia Boldrini, Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Goldsmiths, University of London; Michael Lackey, Distinguished McKnight University Professor at the University of Minnesota; and the Trinidad-born poet, novelist, musician and lecturer, Anthony Joseph. Admission is free and all are welcome.


  • Saturday the 2nd: Interview with BBC World Service’s ‘Witness’.
    • The interview marks the 75thanniversary since the death of Virginia Woolf, and includes fascinating archive recordings of those closest to Woolf, including her husband, Leonard, her sister, Vanessa Bell, and a wonderful reminiscence of Woolf’s joyous laughter by the novelist Elizabeth Bowen.